Partner Spotlight: Youtopia Health and Wellness Coaching

Essex County OB/GYN is proud to be partnered with Youtopia Health and Wellness Coaching! Youtopia provides transformative wellness coaching designed exclusively for women to help rediscover confidence and vitality in their bodies. 

Danielle YouTopia with a client

Meet Danielle Blaisdell, Owner

Danielle has been a Labor and Delivery Nurse and a fitness professional for over 26 years. She has developed a passion for helping women feel confident in their bodies, navigate life transitions, and prepare for the unique demands of pregnancy and beyond. As a Board-Certified Nurse Coach, Danielle takes time with clients to connect on a personal level. She guides her clients through the process of exploring what wellness goals they desire and creates custom action plans to bring that vision to life.

Holistic Approach 

Youtopia views health through a holistic lens, considering the connections between the mind, body, spirit, emotional, and social components of health. Health and wellness coaching is not one-size-fits-all – each client has their own unique needs. The following are some of the services Youtopia offers:

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Pregnancy
  • Self Development
  • Educational
  • Nutrition
  • Life Coaching
  • Fitness Coaching

Contact us today to learn more about Youtopia Health and Wellness Coaching and to see how you can access services as a patient at Essex County OB/GYN.

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