Healthcare for Teens

Teen Health

Essex County OB/GYN is adept at caring for patients of all ages, including teenagers who are new to gynecological visits.

Our health care providers are especially skilled at explaining the physical changes teens undergo as they mature.

Teenagers often see gynecologists for management of heavy or irregular periods and to discuss birth control options and sexual safety.

For most routine visits a pelvic examination is not needed: if for any reason an examination is necessary for evaluation and treatment, our providers will discuss how an examination may be helpful.

If a teenager has not started menstruating by the age of 15, it is recommended that they schedule an evaluation with a gynecologist.

Moreover, our staff understands the importance of addressing prevention of sexually transmitted infections and recommendations to prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancy.

Resources for Parents & Teens

Parents – you may be a bigger influence on your teen than you think. One of the most important things you can do as a parent is build trust and talk with your kids about sex and sexuality. Below please find useful resources to help you approach the subject effectively with your teens.

Resources for Parents

Below are many resources to help you talk to your teens about sex and answers when you need them.

Resources for Teens

Information and resources to help young people find the information they need and make the most informed decisions.

Attention Patients: Use My Lahey Chart to request RX refills. Use this link to My Lahey Chart.