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Bellepelvicpt.com Meet Andrea Schleibaum, Doctorate of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy, Owner of Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy. Andrea has been a Physical Therapist for 13 years and after having children of her own, she shifted her focus to treating women and specifically focusing on pelvic floor therapy. Andrea is a mom of 4 and she is passionate about treating women through their pregnancies and returning women to their fitness goals in the postpartum. She is also passionate about treating women through varying other pelvic floor dysfunctions that may arise through the years. Residing on the North Shore she loves connecting with new mothers in the area and treating patients within her own community. At Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy, each patient has 60 minute sessions 1 on 1 with Andrea in order to work on their physical needs, progress patients towards their goals and increase their confidence through strengthening and mobilizing their bodies. The following are common dysfunctions that can be treated at Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy: • Pregnancy (including back, hip and pubic pain, mobility, labor and delivery prep) • Postpartum ( Diastasis Recti, Perineal tearing, C-section recovery, Prolapse, Urge and Stress incontinence, return to exercise and running rehab) • Women's health (endometriosis, vaginismus, pudendal neuralgia, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, hip and back pain)

Youtopia Health and
Wellness Coaching LLC

Transformative Wellness Coaching Designed Exclusively For Women Rediscover confidence and vitality in your body!

Hi, I'm Danielle! I have been a Labor & Delivery Nurse and a fitness professional for the past 26 years. I have developed a passion for helping women feel confident in their bodies, navigate life transitions and prepare for the unique demands of pregnancy and beyond. Together we will explore what wellness goals you desire to achieve, and create an action plan to bring your vision to fruition.

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FamilyWell offers behavioral health services for pregnant & postpartum patients.

With FamilyWell you'll get emotional support from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for long wait times. Benefit from personalized care provided by a team collaborating closely with Essex County OB/GYN. For immediate assistance, you can easily schedule a virtual session with a Perinatal Behavioral Health Coach or Licensed Therapist at your convenience. Additionally, access on-demand texting support from live coaches whenever you need it, ensuring continuous support and guidance throughout your journey.

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Enza Lilley,
Birth Doula, CBE

Enza Lilley, a DONA trained doula and childbirth educator, offers comprehensive support services to expecting mothers. Residing in Massachusetts, she provides personalized care, including two prenatal meetings, a customized birth plan, 24-hour support, and continuous assistance during labor and the initial postpartum period.

Enza's services also feature postpartum meetings, a doula comfort bag with various birthing aids, breastfeeding support, and backup doula coverage. She extends financial flexibility and discounts to certain groups. Additionally, Enza conducts childbirth education classes covering various aspects of childbirth and postpartum care.

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Joanne Sheridan, LMT

Joanne Sheridan, LMT is the owner of Hands on Health Massage Therapy and is a graduate of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA. Since she graduated in 1990, Joanne has taken several certifications in soft tissue rehabilitation including from Dr. Ben Benjamin, as well as the St. John Method for neuromuscular therapy. After owning her own wellness center in Ipswich, MA for several years, she has become well versed in working with teams of practitioners to help clients pursue their health goals. She specializes in soft tissue rehabilitation, relaxation, pre/postnatal, and deep tissue massage. Joanne works with a variety of clients, including children, teens, adults, and the elderly.

When she is not in the office, Joanne loves to spend time with her husband and four children, and having fun adventures in the great outdoors!

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Courtney Caroline

Based in Wenham, Massachusetts, Courtney Caroline is a lifestyle and documentary photographer, and also an anesthesiologist! She specializes in capturing joyful and loving moments of families, newborns, and significant life events. With a passion for natural light and a stress-free approach to photoshoots, she believes in creating an elevated depiction of everyday life.

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Natera advances molecular diagnostics with integrity and scientific rigor, and supports integration of information provided by our tests into health care decision making. Our tests are clinically validated in over 150 peer-reviewed publications with over 1.3 million patients studied.

We participated in the largest prospective studies to date in molecular diagnostics in oncology (CIRCULATE), women’s health (SMART), and organ health (Trifecta). We meet or exceed applicable industry and regulatory standards for all of our tests to deliver high-quality results, and have processed over 5 million tests in our CAP/CLIA‑certified labs.

We have more than 150 medical professionals on staff who provide expert support to help make our test results clear and easy to understand.

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Attention Patients: Use My Lahey Chart to request RX refills. Use this link to My Lahey Chart.