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Lisa Cartledge

Qualifications & Education

Professional Specialties/Passions.

I’ve worked for Essex County OB/GYN for almost 36 years (12/1/2023), I’ve played a role in making it what it is today, building and leading teams, working with vendors, medical coding, HIPPA compliant IT management, financial reporting, cross functioning leadership.

Personal Points

Why do you love what you do?

I believe my work has a positive impact on the practice. I like taking an idea and seeing it come to fruition.

Why did you choose Essex County OB/GYN?

I’ve worked here so long I don’t remember the specifics. What I can tell you about Essex County OB/GYN is we are a family! We have good days together and some frustrating days together but in the end we all truly care about one another.

Dream Travel Destination

Alaskan Cruise

Outside of work, you'll find me...

Working in my yard or at one of my children's sporting events.

Favorite North Shore spot

Crane’s Beach

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