Partner Spotlight: Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy

Essex County OB/GYN is proud to be partnered with Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy! Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy was born out of the idea of removing the stigma, misconceptions, and barriers to care associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Meet Andrea Schleibaum, Owner

Andrea Schleibaum, owner of Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy, is a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy licensed to practice in Massachusetts. She has been a physical therapist for over 13 years and after having children of her own, she shifted her focus from general orthopedic care to treating women and specifically focusing on pelvic floor therapy. As a mom of 4, Andrea is passionate about treating women through their pregnancies and returning women to their fitness goals in the postpartum. She is also passionate about treating women through varying other pelvic floor dysfunctions that may arise through the years.

As a North Shore resident, Andrea loves connecting with new mothers in the area and treating patients within her own community.

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Pelvic floor physical therapy takes on a holistic approach including gait, posture, strength, and flexibility with a focus on symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction. These can include pain, difficulty with bowel and bladder, sensations of heaviness, prolapse, labor and delivery preparation, and recovery from vaginal and cesarean section deliveries.


Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy believes every patient deserves a unique and individualized approach and provides the following services

  • Prenatal Care: Throughout pregnancy, many women experience symptoms such as lower back pain, SI joint dysfunction, mobility issues, or migraines in addition to urinary leakage or constipation. They can help if you are experiencing any of these symptoms!
  • Labor and Delivery Preparation: Attention to the pelvic floor during pregnancy can help reduce your risk for pelvic floor dysfunction after delivery. They can help you create a plan to strengthen your pelvic floor leading up to delivery and develop approaches to help you during labor. 
  • Postpartum Care: Post-delivery many women commonly experience symptoms related to urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or diastasis recti. Pelvic floor therapy can help reduce the symptoms associated with these common postpartum conditions. Additionally, they can help with problems related to labor and delivery trauma, scar pain, back or neck pain, rib pain, headaches, or constipation. 
  • Women’s Health: They also specialize in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain, vulval pain, painful intercourse, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, and hip and back pain. 

As a patient, you will have one-on-one sessions with Andrea. Each session will be 60 minutes long, working on your physical needs, progressing you toward your goals, and increasing your confidence through strengthening and mobilizing your body.

Contact us today to learn more about Belle Pelvic Physical Therapy and to see how you can access services as a patient at Essex County OB/GYN.

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