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Adia Wilson-Dawson

Qualifications & Education

Bachelors in Nursing from Stony Brook University and Sociology from the University at Buffalo
Masters in Nursing from Georgetown University specializing in Women’s Health

Professional Specialties/Passions

Obstetrics, Prenatal Care, Postpartum Care, Adolescent gynecology, Contraceptive Management

Personal Points

Why do you love what you do?

I enjoy aiding my patients in learning about the unique aspects of their body. Watching my patients move through various stages of their lives, especially pregnancy, is such an honor many people don't get to experience in their lifetime.

Why did you choose Essex County OB/GYN?

I actually trained at Essex County as a student and really felt welcomed by everyone. It is a great environment to advance as a provider.

Outside of work, you’ll find me…

Newbury street shopping or Solid Core

My coffee order

Brown sugar shaken espresso

Top played song

Absolutely anything by Justin Bieber or Drake

Attention Patients: Use My Lahey Chart to request RX refills. Use this link to My Lahey Chart.