7 Midwives at Essex County OB/GYN

Our Midwives

Amanda Carritte, CNM

Clinical Interests: Obstetrics: Prenatal care, birth and postnatal care; well woman visits and adolescent care.
Location: Beverly

Kristin Dovan, CNM

Clinical Interests: Prenatal care, Postnatal care, family planning, contraception, perinatal mental health, and teen care.
Location: Beverly

Lindsey Gillies, CNM

Clinical Interests: Prenatal Care, postnatal care, family planning, substance use disorder, LGBTQ+
Location: Lynn Women's Health, Beverly

Karen Gould, CNM

Clinical Interests: Obstetrics: Prenatal care, birth and postnatal care; as well as Teen care.
Location: Danvers, Gloucester

Nancy Mysliwy, CNM

Clinical Interests: Obstetrics, menopausal issues.
Location: Beverly

Gwen Olsen, CNM

Clinical Interests: Adolescent contraceptive care, Obstetrics: Prenatal care, birth and postnatal care; well woman visits, peri & menopausal issues, hormone replacement therapy.
Location: Beverly

Jennifer Prentiss, CNM

Clinical Interests: Prenatal Care, birth and post-natal care, well woman visits, adolescent care to peri and menopausal issues.
Location: Beverly, Gloucester

Today, nurse-midwifery care not only encompasses obstetrical care but also includes gynecological and general women’s health issues. Additionally, with the evolution and formalization of nurse-midwifery’s advanced education and certification requirements, certified nurse-midwives (CNM’s) are among the most modern and forward-thinking providers in the United States today. Midwifery care is a sought-after option for the care of women from early womanhood through the family planning years and eventually menopause.

There are many reasons a woman may opt for nurse-midwifery care. One of the founding reasons is their mission to be a partner in care, not just a provider of care. Midwives take into account the physical, emotional and social well-being of a patient which enables them to focus on each woman’s unique situation and address their needs more fully and personally. Many women also choose midwifery care because they share the belief that childbearing, and other conditions, are a natural part of life and should be treated as such with technological interventions kept to a minimum.

Essex County OB/GYN's midwives provide comprehensive prenatal visits, skilled guidance during labor and birth, and complete postpartum care. In addition to obstetrical care, our CNM's provide general healthcare services including annual gynecological exams and problem visits, birth control options, family planning needs, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, teenage care and menopausal care. They are able to prescribe medications, including pain medication and birth control, as well as order medical tests. We believe what makes our midwifery practice truly special is the value we place on connecting with a woman and her family to offer a deeper level of care during every stage of her life

Essex County OB/GYN Associates has a successful practice of physicians and midwives working together. Our nurse-midwives consult with our board certified OB/GYN physicians if there is a problem that may put a woman at risk. Nurse-midwifery care is covered by most private insurance carriers, Tricare, Medicaid and many managed care programs.

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