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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 5, 2021 Updated Patient Information in My Lahey Chart

At ECOBGYN, we believe in information transparency and that you deserve to see your information as soon as it is available. Therefore, we release ALL results immediately to you on the My Lahey Chart portal. Therefore, you may see some results even before your clinician does. Please give us 48 hours on weekdays to review your results and let you know our thoughts. A clinician looks at every result and will contact you if there is a result that is concerning. Normal or negative results will be reviewed at your next visit. If you have concerns about a result and have not heard from the office, you can send a message to the office through the portal or contact our office by phone.

Laboratory Results (blood, urine, cultures):

There may be some results with a red exclamation mark (!), or “abnormal” near them. Often these “abnormal” results do not affect your health (for example MCHC or MCV).

Maternal Genetic Testing:

If you have chosen to have genetic testing in pregnancy, these results will be immediately released. If your results show you are a carrier of a genetic disease, or that your fetus may have a chromosome disorder, additional testing will be offered, and our office will contact you to schedule follow up evaluation.

Pathology and Pap Smear Results:

Pap Smear and HPV tests will be immediately released. The HPV test results return within 72 hours of your visit, and the Pap Smear in 10-14 days. The combination of these two results along with your history will determine any next steps or the frequency of future Pap Smears and HPV Tests (called co-testing). You will be contacted by phone, portal, or letter for any result requiring additional follow up or testing.

Imaging Results (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI):

All imaging results will also be immediately released. These reports can contain words that are hard to understand, show unexpected results, and can be confusing. A clinician always plans to review these results with you and decide on a plan. When possible, your clinician will discuss the possible result with you BEFORE getting the test, and next steps that would be taken with each result.

We are honored that you trust us to be your healthcare partner. We look forward to working together to keep you as healthy as possible.

To access your chart, please click My Chart.

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